Kuzbass Muslims accused of having links with terrorists – Society – News

Kuzbass Muslims accused of having links with terrorists – Society – News
Равшан Темуров
29 Января
08:11 2009

Prokopevskie Muslim wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin. It complained to local officials. For several years the regional administration to actively intervene in the domestic setting of religious organizations. The last straw was the attempt to impose officials believers candidacy mufti.

The conflict between the administration of the region and spiritual leaders nazreval long. Troublous differences emerged two years ago. It all started with the construction of a major in the Kuzbass dream.

Vozvedeniem worship the responsibility of local religious community Nour. Money for the construction of the building helped to collect sponsors. Majestic Square Chamber eleven thousand square meters of Siberian Muslims have built a few years.

When the church began to acquire real architectural forms, government officials appealed to the chairman of the Kemerovo religious community Nour – Noorani Galihmetovoy with a request to find a decent candidacy for the mosque imam. Earlier, the elected community, and therefore the will of the majority Muslim imam Paul Bagomanov not arranged a town hall absence of special education. Using a convenient excuse, faithful sosvatali other spiritual mentor: unknown, but an educated Muslim from the Krasnoyarsk region. In the Kuzbass administration creature long delayed. To develop and strengthen the position of Muslims in the region not to meet the newly imam. To develop and strengthen the family business, expand PATERNAL asphalt plants – such targets is a spiritual leader of Krasnoyarsk. Imam quickly exposed. Fearing a possible scandal, officials, out of harm’s way, the Muslim priest sent home. The mosque was left without a master.

“Over the past two years in the Kemerovo changed several imams. And no sense,” – says the Mufti of the Kemerovo region Salavat Kuchumov. – None of them are not interested in the affairs of the community . All were looking for some benefits. One of the candidates came at the invitation of the mayor’s office, managed provernut fraud. Obtained from officials apartment. Bystrenko sold it and ukatil vosvoyasi “.

The latest attempt put a “human” members of the Committee for Relations with Religious Organizations, led by Catherine Stas made this summer. Another contender for the role of Kemerovo Imam and, subsequently, the Mufti, was born in a small town Lyatnora Surgut district of Tyumen region. His surprise choice for the regional administration explained this way: “We Tahir Davletkulova excellent summary. And he has not studied anywhere in Kazan, and in Turkey itself.”

To determine whether good imam, as it is spoken, there is a new candidate inadvertently owned asfaltnogo plant, the Mufti of the Kemerovo region Salavat Kuchumov together with his friend and like-minded Ravshanom Temurovym went to Surgut, for a small home lyantorskogo imam. As it turned out, not in vain. That’s what told the Siberian Muslims in the local region.

“In 2003, Surgut region DUMa allocated funds to build a new mosque one million two hundred thousand rubles – tells Salavat Kuchumov. – Money disappeared and the mosque was never built. The archives are still accumulating dust of the project. It was not clear why Davletkulov Tahir left obzhitoe place and went for tridevyat land? “

mining region met with chuzhezemtsa open arms. The “black spots” in the biography of Imam officials did not draw attention. Duhovnika then provided shelter, take care of the job.

“Yekaterina Stas talked chairman religious community NOUR Noorani Galihmetovu take Tahir Davletkulova probation for the post of imam, – said the Mufti of the Kemerovo region. – enter into dispute with a woman chinovnitsey not risked. Tahiru Davletkulovu have a chance to prove itself. What he did “.

The conflict reached its climax in early November, when, on the occasion of the official opening of the mosque in the Kemerovo met leaders of all Muslim religious communities. During the holiday spiritual leaders made clear: there will soon be established coupling. Applicants for the role of mufti of Kemerovo already. From Muslims strictly required to support the candidacy of priglyanuvshegosya regional officials Tahir Davletkulova. Disagree with the position of the administration posulili major trouble. Kuzbass Muslims zahlestnul righteous anger. Imposing candidacy piece – not the only reason that led offended in his religious feelings of Muslims to write a letter to Vladimir Putin. As it turned out, in the Kemerovo region, there are other telling facts of bureaucratic lawlessness.

During the year, Muslims prokopevskih several times to the police. The region is preparing for elections. Law enforcement is seriously worried: what if parishioners of a local mosque small mining town of direct relevance to the terrorists of Al-Qaeda? Suddenly, they want podzorvat polls?

“In June this year, I was summoned for questioning in Prokopyevsk prosecutor’s office – says the head of Kazyyatskogo control Muslims Kemerovo region DUMACHR Ravshan Temur. – An investigator said, that with regard to me FSB instituted criminal proceedings under Article 282 UKRF (extremism). What are the facts they are based – incomprehensible! witnesses on their testimony refused. It had to be closed. ”

On the part of law enforcement agencies have been several attempts to discredit the leaders of religious communities in the public eye. They were accused of inciting ethnic hatred and links with terrorists.

In early November, ten Muslims from Kemerovo Oblast of the Russian delegation arrived in Moscow for a meeting with Libyan leader Gaddafi Muammarom. An official meeting under the title “The Muslims of Russia” held in the President Hotel. Working trip lasted four days.

kuzbasskie long as Muslims were discussing with the leader of the Libyan revolution, religious affairs and peaceful coexistence, their apartments inspected by police.

“Home came the precinct and a few more people in uniform. frighten children! Why it took with his wife’s explanation, “- vozmuschaetsya Ravshan Темуров.

After returning from a business trip delegates raised at the confidential conversation with Valery Knyazevym – law enforcement officials in the administration of the Kemerovo region.

“We are accused in connection with the terrorists! – hot Salavat Kuchumov. – Valery Knyazev made it clear that we support with Muammarom Gaddafi, who is behind the attacks. But until then He met with the leader of our nation. What is he a terrorist! ”

“People are urged not to communicate with us and did not come to the Friday sermon in a mosque Prokopyevsk – does not hide the bitterness of Salavat Kuchumov. – We did not understand what’s wrong. Why to contact us not leave the Muslims of Osinniki and Mezhdurechenska. parishioners are afraid. They do not know what more waiting! “

Well aware that the search for justice in the supervisory bodies of the Kemerovo region — it useless, the leaders of local religious communities complained directly to the Kremlin. This is what Muslims kuzbasskie wrote in a letter to Prime Minister:

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. Peace be with you and well-being. I call on you spiritual leaders of the Muslims the Kemerovo region. Our organization is composed of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Asian part of Russia, which, in turn, is located in a single area of the canonical Council of Muftis of Russia. In recent years by some islamofobov is discrediting communities, in this structure. They are trying to present destructive organizations almost cells of Al – Qaeda “, the existing foreign money. Some officials lend to these statements and try to deal with these organizations and their leaders. Public officials grossly interfere in the domestic setting of religious organizations, using his official position. intimidate law enforcement leaders of religious communities, and parishioners. What – or travel outside the territory of the field are perceived disapprovingly. For example, travel of delegates to a meeting with Libyan leader Gaddafi Muammarom instituted offensive suspicion. Law enforcement officials have accused Muslims of being met with “terrorist number one”.

Actions by the regional administration officials violated the Russian Constitution and federal law 125-FZ “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations”, which read: “Officials of the public authorities have no right to use their office for the formation of a relationship to religion. “We ask you, as the guarantor of legality in our country, protect us from the arbitrariness of bureaucrats, and intrigues.”

If this does not help, the Muslims of the Kuzbass connected to the joint fight organization called “The Russian-Islamic heritage” and the Council of Muftis of Russia. They gakzhe intend to make a statement to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

“It is impossible to such an extent as to usurp power – vozmuschaetsya Mufti of the Kemerovo region. – Step left, step right. In my opinion in our region, any person can be charged with anything. While in the drug trade, even in terrorism. Sees God, we did not want to quarrel! helped as governor could. agitirovali In the elections. But we – the knife in the back! ”

“There is no conflict, no, – assured the chairman of the committee for cooperation with religious organizations in the administration of the Kemerovo region Yekaterina Stas. – His attempt to artificially fan. candidacy next mufti selected community. There was no claim of Nour and the chairman of ordinary parishioners Tahir Davletkulov is. As for the accusations of extremism, now I will try to explain. eve of elections to the regional council to visit Salavatu Kuchumovu arrived a few young people. presented relatives. Neznakomtsy aroused suspicion among law enforcement officials. They have caused to the police. What you can boil over here? What if they were terrorists? If this is the family, so nothing to worry. ”

It seems that officials are still not aware of the dangerous game they play, provoking the anger of the righteous believers. Patience is not unlimited, and jihad, no one canceled. Today, they are accused of terrorism, and tomorrow they are, the humiliation and degradation, God forbid, will want to have a revenge. To not say nothing.

PS In early December, in the Kemerovo a new religious community. Lead it Tahir Davletkulov. Muslim organizations named in honor of Mother governor of Kemerovo region – “Munir.”